Statement to Queen’s Gate Electors, 11th December, 2017



I am honoured more than I can say to have represented Queen’s Gate ward on the Council of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea since 1990, to have been Deputy Leader between 2000 and 2011, when the Council’s performance and vision made it one of the best-rated local authorities in the country, and to have done my level best to serve your individual and neighbourhood needs during that time.

I am also grateful to Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham Conservatives for recently re-admitting me to the Approved List of Candidates and to my local ward committee for putting me forward for adoption this evening on the basis of my record of service and of what I have to offer.

Nonetheless, after careful reflection, I shall not be offering myself for adoption this evening.

The reasons are principally personal. Since ceasing in May 2016 to be Boris Johnson’s appointee as his Deputy Chairman of Transport for London, my work commitments have grown and look set to continue to do so. I do not believe I can give the guarantee of time and commitment needed to fight an arduous election campaign and to serve as a member of the Council for four years to the standard I would expect of myself and which you have come to rely on.

This is a matter of sadness to me, but, after nearly twenty-eight years on the Council, it was always going to be a question whether I should stand down in 2018 or in 2022, always of course subject to your support.

I have enormous confidence in the leadership of Elizabeth Campbell to bring the Council out of the sad state it has fallen into; to provide for the survivors of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire, and for others affected and in need, the housing and other support they deserve; and to continue to offer all residents of the Royal Borough the high standard of services they are accustomed to, subject to the financial challenges the Council now faces.

For my fellow Conservatives to retain control of the Council, we need to demonstrate both competence and an ability to rebuild trust. We shall of course have to show that we are worthy of your trust in competition with our traditional political party rivals.

But there are also other forces now at work in Kensington and Chelsea, with a more sinister agenda. Momentum, with its hate-filled commitment to a Socialist revival, is now a power in our midst. And there is a new party, specific to Kensington and Chelsea, that will cynically seek election by exploiting the anxieties of our many friends from the European Union resident in the Royal Borough, despite the recent agreement between the UK and the EU and even though the Prime Minister has repeatedly made clear that none lawfully here will be required to leave.

This is a time therefore more than most when those of you of Conservative inclination need to unite around your Conservative candidates. The recent General Election has shown that there are no cost-free protest votes. I hope you will support all three Conservative candidates at the Council elections here in May, as I shall, and that together we can defeat the malevolent forces that seek to exploit anxiety and suffering for ulterior ends.

Councillor Daniel Moylan

11th December, 2017