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Written Question: Release of Foreign Nationals Serving IPP Sentences

Lord Moylan: To ask His Majesty's Government how many foreign nationals serving sentences of Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) were released under the Tariff-Expired Removal Scheme (TERS) in the financial years (1) 2020/2021, and (2) 2021/2022; how long was the tariff for each prisoner; and how many years beyond tariff each prisoner had served at point of release.

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice (Lord Bellamy: The Tariff Expired Removal Scheme (TERS) applies to foreign national offenders serving an indeterminate sentence. Section 32A of the Crime (Sentences) Act 1997 provides the Secretary of State with the power to approve the removal of a prisoner for the purposes of deportation once the minimum tariff date has expired and without the Parole Board directing release. A prisoner is not released from their sentence and is liable to continue to serve the sentence if they return to the UK.

There were six foreign national offenders serving sentences of Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) removed under TERS, three in each financial year. The tariff lengths for these prisoners were one of ten years, three of eight years, and two of seven years. Four prisoners were removed between one- and two-years post-tariff and two were removed less than one-year post-tariff. The data apply solely to IPP offenders and only include those cases where the Home Office has confirmed their removal.

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